Excuses, excuses

Hi!The Writer speaks

We’re still here, you know. And we’ve got good excuses, beyond the usual “dog ate my homework”, “I was abducted by aliens”, “we were trapped under heavy furniture” variety.

Mack has signed a contract to pencil and ink a new title for a reasonably-sized independent comic publisher (still can’t give you details, on pain of death) and also might have some illustration work for a major games company (again, I could tell you, but Mack would unleash an almighty bag of ass-kickery upon me).

All of that’s AWESOME news, but it still doesn’t get my comic drawn.


So I’m consoling myself in a heavy word-count, general comic-buying and the thought of going to Thought Bubble up in Leeds next week. A fella’s got to keep himself busy, you know.

See you there!


We’re still not dead – we’re just re-writing


How long since my last post? Jeez – so much for “a page a week”!

As I write this, Mack is unpacking from a much-needed 2 week holiday, which is why there’s been no art for a while. Mind you, he still managed to send me a bunch of texts, including a New Idea and some angry rants about us stalling and not just getting the damn thing done.

He has a point.

A dear friend of mine and fellow-scribbler Saxon Bullock has just finished the mother of all rewrites and is suffering from the Finishing Blues. A crisis of faith that’s sent him heading for the Ice Cream and Jack Kirby collection.

But writing “The End” is the hardest line, as it means you’ve made a conscious decision to put down your pen, leave the keyboard alone. The work is now out of your hands, ready to get out there in the world.

And that’s a scary thought.

All writers are, on some level, control freaks. Why else would we spend so much time in our heads, playing gods? And to relinquish control takes a LOT of ice-cream and Jack Kirby collections.

It’s been said that no art is finished, merely abandoned. I’m not saying what I do is ‘art’ but that wrings true. At Mack’s suggestion, we’re going back to an earlier project and I’ve just re-read the script for Issue One (yes – I got as far as “The End”) and I’m still happy with the work, apart from one line of dialogue.

One line that’s changed a million times in the last year.

Sadly, if I pick the wrong version of this line, I’m convinced that the entire story arc will get stuck on the wrong path.

Oh FFS! It’s one line in 20 pages. Just one line in one issue of a larger story.

But try letting that go, when you still have time to edit. It’s damn-night impossible.

So, I’m back off to stare at a blank page until that perfect line bleeds out of my forehead and attaches itself to the page.


The new manifesto

Still no ‘new’ stuff from Mack, as he’s still head-down and tail-up on the super-secret job (good luck to him!)

So here’s something to distract and inspire. I know it’s already done the rounds on teh intertoobz, but it’s pinned up on my desk and is starting to work.

Bring me blank pages so I may smite them with my pen!



Some news

The Writer speaksMack’s going to be largely unavailable for the next few weeks, then possibly for the next few months.


Believe it or not, this is good news. 😀

He’s been approached by a bona-fide comic company to submit interiors for one of their titles. The gig’s not yet in the bag – he’s up against a couple of other artists – but my money’s on my favourite art-monkey.

Here’s the bugger – Mack has signed an NDA for this gig. He’s damn lucky that he’s living a few hundred miles away, or I’ve be squeezing his nuts ’till he spilled the beans. I’m itching to read the outline and see his art. Sadly, he’s keeping schtum on the whole thing.

Good lad.

So, while he’s working his arse off on this, I’ll try to keep you amused with the odd tit-bit.

For today’s entertainment, and in the absence of any Mack art, I’d like to point you in the direction of “Chesterfest” – C.B. Cebulski’s blog – where he tells a cautionary tale of being a Marvel talent scout, and the ‘characters’ he meets at conventions.



Breaking the silence

Boy – have we been a couple of lame-o bloggers this last few weeks!

You don’t care if we’re nuts-deep in ‘real’ work and ‘real’ life – comics should ALWAYS come first and we know that as well as anyone.

I know we said ‘a page a week’ but… deadlines? I’ll show you deadlines, sonny-Jim!

Ok… so we might have been a little bit busy updating our CVs and planning world-domination. You gonna hold that against us?

Whatevs. We’re a couple of busy bastards.

Here’s an actual panel from the actual comic with some actual dialogue. And it’s still only Tuesday, which makes us a DAY EARLY by my reckoning.



The Black Dog

The Writer speaksI remember seeing a documentary about Ridley Scott where his sons complained that he’d rearrange the furniture in their house every weekend that he was home. When asked about this, he said he felt that he was being followed by a Black Dog and, if he didn’t stop moving, the dog would get him.

This Black Dog is a staple of British folklore. An apparition, signifying death. A fear of stagnation that’s driven him his whole life. The burning desire to be out there, creating movies – a spectral force, pushing him along.

So where’s my Black Dog? Where are the hellhounds on my tail?
Continue reading ‘The Black Dog’


Quick Mack Attack

Comin’ atcha like an art-ninja, flinging out his scribbles on an unsuspecting mob…

Yeh – we’re all snowed-under and work-deadliney again. Don’t worry, though – we’re still firing all-guns on the comic.

First up this week: Jian got a haircut…

Jian & topknot

Jian & topknot

Next up: light roughs of pages 6 & 7. Very much a work-in progress, these ones, but Mack has sent me this pic twice, so I guess he’s fairly eager for me to post it.

page 6&7 roughs

page 6&7 roughs

See you in a week, if I tear myself away from Twitter long enough to order a Chinese, clear some junk off the PVR and write some all-new crap 😀


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